Good Morning Kingsley, Stuart, Kai, Landon and Graham

Hope you and your families are all well.

As we would be stopping for our Easter holidays this week i thought we would do some Easter activities… but first

Did you make rainbow pictures and put them in your window? (if so can you send me a photo)

Can you sit a teddy bear at your window ( so when people are out having a walk they can pretend they’re going on a bear hunt) (send a photo if you can)

How did you get on with tasks last week?  did you manage to make your snack/ breakfast?) if so send a photo

this week…..

Home economics – boil an egg

Art – decorate the egg

Fit 15 – when out your daily walk find a hill/ slope and roll it down (dont forget your photo)

HWB – Being kind to others

Art – make an Easter card and post it through a neighbours door

Mrs Bennett xxx

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