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Sports Day – Round 2

Monday – Sports Day Round 2. Do your sun-dance on Sunday evening, as we’re hoping for sunshine!

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

Future Heroes Day


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Future Heroes Day. Come dressed up as what you want to be when you’re older and make a donation to the Guide Dog Society.

We look forward to seeing your outfits . . . 

Profile and Report 2014

Lochardil Logo

Your child’s profile and report should have made its way home to you today. We hope you enjoy reading a comprehensive overview of your child’s year at Lochardil.

Find the Lochardil Primary School profile and report guidance for parents/carers below:

We’re interested in your feedback – particularly regarding our Learning Journey trial. Download the form below and hand to your child’s teacher.

Sports Day – CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain over night we have had to cancel Sports Day today.

We have rescheduled for Monday 16th June 2014. Due to work scheduled to begin on our pitch next week, our Sports Day will take place on the grassed area between Morven Road and Dornie Place (behind our school field).

We thank the local residents for agreeing the use of this space to support a vital opportunity for our children.

Sports Day

Tomorrow is our Sports Day. We’re hoping you all do the weather dance tonight – fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

We Need YOU!!!


Our 50th Anniversary plans are well under way.

Could you assist by – helping organise one of the events, sponsoring one of our events or assisting with the set-up of the events during the week beginning 25th August 2014?

We’d love to hear from you. Email for more details!

Easter Bonnet Competition


P3FS have entered Hobbycraft’s Easter Bonnet Competition on behalf of Lochardil. They’ve done a fantastic job.

It’s YOUR turn to take part now. Get down to Hobbycraft and vote Lochardil as your winner. Voting takes place over the next two weeks!

Searching for our pal Nessie!

Today P1C, P1M and P3FS spent the day at Urquhart Castle – learning about weapons and armour that the knights used to use, visiting the castle ruins and searching for our friend Nessie. We even fed Nessie some of her favourite shortbread, but she must have been too shy today.

We’d like to thank Di and her team at Urquhart Castle for assisting us with our trip. We’d also like to thank all of our helpers who volunteered. The weather was gorgeous. The weather dance Mr Cook did this morning definitely paid off . . .

UC1 (36) UC1 (35) UC1 (34)

UC1 (33) UC1 (32) UC1 (31)

UC1 (30) UC1 (29) UC1 (28)

UC1 (27) UC1 (26) UC1 (25)

UC1 (24) UC1 (23) UC1 (22)

UC1 (21) UC1 (20) UC1 (19)

UC1 (18) UC1 (17) UC1 (16)

UC1 (15) UC1 (14) UC1 (13)

UC1 (12) UC1 (11) UC1 (10)

UC1 (9) UC1 (8) UC1 (7)

UC1 (6) UC1 (5) UC1 (4)

UC1 (3) UC1 (2) UC1 (1)

UC1 (39) UC1 (38) UC1 (37)

Mr.Cook, Mrs McArthur and Miss Shimmield

‘Hey Ewe!’


The Nursery – P3 Nativity, ‘Hew Ewe!’, can now be viewed by clicking the links below. A letter came home with Nursery – P3 children today, informing them of the password for the video. If you would like to view the video, and do not have the password, please contact

Due to copyright law, unfortunately we will not be able to produce copies of this in DVD format.

Hey Ewe Morning Production – CLICK HERE

Hey Ewe Afternoon Production – CLICK HERE

P1 Christmas Party!

We had a FABULOUS time at our Christmas Party. We played party games, danced to fantastic party music, and we can’t forget the amazing party food that we ate.

Thank you to the parents/carers for their food donations.

Christmas Service tomorrow at the Culduthel Christian Centre. Please make sure you have on suitable clothing for walking to and from the CCC.

The Toys’ Party

Today we got together with Mr Cook’s class to read ‘The Toys’ Party’. But this time Mr Cook had a bag of treats. He thought it would be fun to make the cake from ‘The Toys’ Party’.


Mrs McArthur and Mrs Paul thought he was playing a trick on P1, but out of his bag came a mixing bowl, cornflakes, tomato ketchup, milk, jam, sugar and baked beans.


We gave it all a massive stir – and a few of us even tried it. It tasted YUMMY!


Mr Cook has put it in the fridge . . . all ready for our Christmas Party tomorrow. I hope he remembers to take it out.


CHRISTMAS PARTY TOMORROW – please remember to wear your party clothes to school. Children will get changed after they have finished their party.

Nativity 2013 – ‘Hey Ewe!’

What a FANTASTIC two performances of ‘Hey Ewe!’ today. Every single child from the Nursery through to Primary 3 did such a FANTASTIC job.

Nativity2013 (1) Nativity2013 (2) Nativity2013 (3)
Nativity2013 (4) Nativity2013 (5) Nativity2013 (6)

Everyone looked superb in their costumes. With over 200 children involved, it really was a phenomenal show.

Nativity2013 (7) Nativity2013 (8) Nativity2013 (9)
Nativity2013 (10) Nativity2013 (11) Nativity2013 (12)

Thank you to all of the staff and pupils who assisted with the organisation of such a massive event.

Nativity2013 (13) Nativity2013 (14) Nativity2013 (15)
Nativity2013 (16) Nativity2013 (17) Nativity2013 (18)

We will keep you posted as to when the video is ready.

Nativity2013 (19) Nativity2013 (20) Nativity2013 (21)
Nativity2013 (22) Nativity2013 (23) Nativity2013 (24)

Thank you,

Mr Cook and Miss Shimmield

Bookbug for Primary 1

sbt1Yesterday our Primary 1 children were taken into the hall after lunchtime for a special treat . . . A story read by Mrs Caddell.

The Scottish Book Trust have provided each Primary 1 child with a bag including the three shortlisted books for the Scottish Book Awards.

We’ve been reading the stories in class – but it was a surprise when we got our very own bags.

Mrs Caddell read her favourite – ‘Jumblebum’ – but in a few weeks P1 children will get to vote for their favourite.

sbt2 sbt3 sbt4

Share the stories with your child at bedtime, and talk about which book is their favourite and why. We’ll be tracking the book awards in March, so be sure to check back for the result.

Children in Need

What a fantastic day it was today in Lochardil. We loved having boys, girls and staff dressed in their pyjamas. The Junior Leaders did a fantastic job with the Pudsey themed games, and Mr Cook was tired out after playing goal-keeper at lunchtime.

With the support of you all, we raised a massive £404.88 – a fantastic total!

Our competition winners were announced at assembly and are on the Pupil Council blog.

Lochardil Tea Towel!

The Parent Council have prepared a tea towel for Lochardil Primary School. The school opened for it’s first session in August 1964. So, after all the hard work from the children, teachers and staff at the school we are delighted to offer for sale two different Lochardil Primary School Tea Towels. One towel is for P1 – P3 and the second is for P4 – P7.

Whilst the towels will be available to buy later in the year, you can pre-order your towels now to ensure that you are able to get one (or 2 or 3!) which will make great Christmas presents.

Order forms will be available from the school from Monday 30th September.

Please follow the links to view the towels and access the order form.

Lochardil Primary P1-3
Lochardil Primary P4-7
Tea Towel Order Form

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – Tomorrow

macmillan coffee morning

A reminder that the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, organised by the P6/7s, is tomorrow, Friday 27th September 1.45pm – 2.45pm. There are 3 ways in which you can support the event:

1. Provide baking for the Coffee Afternoon – to be handed in Friday morning
2. Attend the Coffee Afternoon – Friday 27th September – 1.45pm – 2.45pm
3. Allow your child to purchase a cake by providing them with a donation of £1

Thank you for your support with the event!

Lochardil School Fete

Lochardil Primary School Fete is on:

Saturday 14th September 11.30am – 1.30pm



We’re looking for your help in the way of donations:

Filled Jam Jars for the Tombola & Home Baking

tom1 homebaking tom2

We look forward to seeing you there –
The Parent Council

Welcome 2013/2014

Bear with us whilst the NEW blogs are being updated for next session.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on:

Tuesday 20th August 2013

P4 – P7 – 8.50am – 3.00pm
P1 – P3 – 9.00am – 2.45pm
AM nursery – 9.00am – 11.30am
PM nursery – 12.25pm – 2.55pm

Have a great holiday!