Our topic this term

Our topic this term is Loch Ness. We have lots of fun activities planned and have already decided to turn our house corner into the ‘Nessie Munch Cafe’ where tourists on the hunt for Nessie  can stop for a bite to eat! 

The questions we will be trying to find  answers to include:

Where is Inverness and Loch Ness?

Why is Loch Ness important to our area?

What is Nessie?

Why is there a castle beside Loch Ness and what is it called?

Why does water freeze?

Does Loch Ness freeze?  

If you have any books, tourist leaflets, postcards etc. relating to our topic we would really appreciate if they could be brought into school. Thankyou.


GYM days this term will continue to be  Monday with Mrs. Campbell, the P.E specialist and  Wednesday, with myself. Please remember gym kit for both days. Thankyou. 

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