Leanring; Alone or Together?

Benefits of working co-operatively

* When working co-operatively in groups it allows multiple ideas and views to be shared openly.  This then leads to greater discussions about the topic which means a deeper analysis is normally achieved.  People can also find themselves having a view which they never thought about before hand or sticking with their views because they haven’t been convinced otherwise.  Therefore I find this to be extremely beneficial as it allows people to have a much stronger opinion on topics where they fully understand different aspects and thoughts on it.

Challenges of working co-operatively

* When working co-operatively I find that many people clash in personalities which often results in a divide within groups.  I also feel when working co-operatively there’s normally one or two people within a group of find it necessary to lead discussions however not only do they lead discussions they normally completely take over which results in many peoples thoughts and opinions to be kept inside.  Different personalities is the biggest challenge I find when working in a group as there’s normally people who; have a lot to say but little respect – where they often don’t give others a chance to talk nor do they respect what others think about topics or have little confidence but a lot of respect; where they listen to what everyone else has to say respectfully but they don’t voice their own opinions/thoughts.  Both of these I find to be as much of a problem as the other when working co-operatively.

Working co-operatively is great when everyone respect’s each others thoughts and opinions, also when everyone is confident enough to share their thoughts which allows effective, deeper learning on subjects.  I find co-operate working needs the right kind of people to work as a team to engage with the discussion for it to work effectively.

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