SMART Science

Developing confidence and competence in science will take time, however by starting now will help ensure I’m excited and enthusiastic when the time comes for me to teach it within the classroom.


Here is my action plan for this semester;

  • Specific – We (as a class) can carry out a topic on The Solar System where a visit to the Glasgow Science centre would be appropriate as we could visit the planetarium.
  • Measurable – I will develop a lesson plan which I can photo graph and blog about.  This will be done when I learn how to lesson plan effectively.
  • Achievable – I will research into this using; websites, books, talking to family, friends and the teacher I will be working with on placement.  Due to this being a topic I enjoyed in school I have good knowledge which I can use with this topic.
  • Relevant – This is relevant for the children as the CFE areas which it would cover are; Space, Topical Science, Forces and Electricity and Waves.
  • Timed – By the end of this semester I will have my planned lessons and trip on a poster which I will then blog about.

This is something which I am excited to do and I will continue to use this method with other subjects.

1 thought on “SMART Science

  1. Caroline Breyley

    Hi Sarah
    Space is a great topic to learn about with primary classes and really lends itself to interdisciplinary learning. Have you thought about the maths that you can link with this? Time is a good area to look at as are big numbers, the size of the numbers involved is a definite wow factor even for top primary!
    Whenever I do this topic I’m always learning alongside the children as the knowledge changes so quickly.
    Enjoy the research and beware of dated non fiction books lurking in school libraries!
    Best wishes


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