MA1 Placement

Behaviour management

Know how and when to seek the advice of colleagues in managing behaviour (3.2.2)

Demonstrate the ability to justify the approach taken in managing behaviour (3.2.2)

This is a goal for myself as behaviour management is something which I feel very nervous about.   I’m nervous about taking on the ‘big sister’ role rather than the ‘teacher’ role.  This is something which I have discussed with my tutor and I know the actions I must take to steer away from this however I think this will be one of my most difficult challenges.  Already in the pre visit day I felt as though I was taking on the big sister role as the children I’m working with are only a couple of years older than my little brother therefore I felt myself talking and discussing things with them in the manner I would with my brothers friends.  This was acceptable in the pre visit day as I wasn’t the ‘teacher’ however in my first week I must set clear boundaries with the children and ensure I’m assertive enough to allow the children to feel safe within my care.  I also feel I’ll struggle to have the confidence to challenge children at certain times and to use the reward system within the classroom however the more I practice being firm but fair whilst in the classroom then I will be able to justify the approach I’m taking.

Lesson planning

2.1.3 Have knowledge and understanding of planning coherent and progressive teaching programmes

3.1.1 Plan coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match learners’ needs and abilities

This is something which I feel I lack confidence in.  After having a few practices I felt I was getting the hang of it however it’s a different story when I’m working on my own without a group and actually have to carry out the lesson successfully.  When lesson planning on my own I feel as though I self doubt far too much, most of the time what I’m doing is correct and the E’s & O’s actually fit with my ideas therefore I know if I just had a little more confidence my lesson plans could be successful.  Due to this being a major factor within the Standards for Provisional Registration I realise how much I really have to work on my confidence when lesson planning and practice on my own, in my own time while requesting feedback from my tutor and class teacher.  Lesson planning is so important when meeting children’s needs therefore I definitely will work on this and improve my confidence and competence while on placement.

Build positive relationships and meet the needs of the children within my class

3.2.2 Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies

3.1.2 Communicate effectively and interact productively with learners, individually and collectively

3.1.3 Employ a range of teaching strategies and resources to meet the needs and abilities of learners

3.1.5 Work effectively in partnership in order to promote learning and wellbeing

This goal has been set during my week in the class as I feel it’s essential for the pupils in my class to have a strong, positive relationship with me as they need a lot of support.  It was always a goal to build positive relationships with the children in my class however after spending a couple of days in my class I have realised that it’s such a major, essential part of my role as a student teacher.  During my weeks in placement I will ensure that I get to know the children very well to make sure I know the correct way of managing each individuals behaviour.  I will use the teachers behaviour management system within the classroom as much as I possibly can to allow the children to feel safe within my responsibility as this will show them I am confident in being their teacher.  I will also build my understanding of the different groups and how they work best so when I’m planning my lessons they will be as effective as possible, doing activities the children understand and enjoy.  By working closely and asking my class teacher questions I will build this knowledge up while continuously making notes about the children.  By doing all this I will build to knowledge I need to know what teaching strategies and resources I should use when communicating and teaching to meet all the different individual needs.  I am excited to learn new skills which I can use to ensure all children are benefitting from me teaching and getting to know them.




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