What inspired me to become a teacher…

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” This quote from Henry B. Adams encapsulates my main reason for wishing to become a primary school teacher as I want to inspire children to fulfil their full potential, not just for their school years but for the rest of their lives.

This personal journey began on my work experience at Castlereagh Borough Council where I coached and encouraged children to become interested in sport. My role involved setting up various activities and explaining rules that the children had to follow. I was pleasantly surprised at how much respect the children had for me as they looked towards me for advice and guidance, which has taught me to be positive and encouraging at all times.

However, it was my time spent at Clifton Special School that galvanised my decision to pursue teaching as a vocation. I spent my time with children of a similar age to myself who had a variety of disabilities. I felt privileged to complete my work experience there, witnessing the work that is carried out by dedicated professionals. I learnt that patience and understanding are key attributes a good teacher should possess, making me recognise how demanding a job it is.

My week spent at Clifton taught me to appreciate everyday life and not to take anything for granted, however more importantly it inspired me to volunteer for Positive Futures, a charitable organisation which helps integrate children with special needs into after school activities and sporting events. This alongside volunteering in a local Primary School, Grange Park has proven to me that there is nothing else I would rather be than a teacher.

Although being a primary school teacher is a highly demanding job, I believe that witnessing children grow into unique, confident and considerate individuals is truly rewarding. My aim is to help educate children while simultaneously teaching my pupils to show respect for one another and to fulfil their full potential.

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  1. Lynsey Petrie

    I think what you say here about a teacher having a life long influence on the child is really important, I certainly agree that you can shape the lives of your pupils far beyond them leaving your class at the end of the year. As you say, teaching is a very rewarding career and that is one of my reasons for choosing this as my ‘real job’ too! ­čÖé


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