Vision and Aims


The vision of our service is:

Making a difference: using psychology to improve outcomes for children & young people.’


We aim to achieve this by:

  • working collaboratively with a range of partners to support the needs of children and young people
  • building the capacity of staff and partners in order to secure better outcomes for children and young people
  • having the child or young person and their families at the centre of our work
  • supporting those who know the child or young person best through a process of problem solving and identifying solutions
  • using research evidence to inform best practice
  • using a range of methodology to implement and evaluate key priorities such as implementation science, improvement methodology, practitioner enquiry, video interactive guidance (VIG) and video enhanced reflective practice (VERP)
  • providing an equitable service to all by offering a service response to requests

We will continue to review our vision and aims through a process of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

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