Resilience and Wellbeing

There are a range of existing approaches and good practice that education establishments are taking forward across Stirling Council to promote children and young people’s resilience. Whole school nurturing approaches sit at the universal level of intervention, providing the foundation to all other activities promoting resilience.

Stirling Educational Psychology Service contributes to a number of evidence based interventions and approaches across the authority to promote resilience and wellbeing. Our primary focus is on supporting children’s readiness to learn as well as supporting schools’ readiness for children.

Nurturing Approaches

The Educational Psychology Service has developed a local authority strategy for Nurturing Approaches. The service has a key lead role in supporting educational establishments and their staff in the implementation and evaluation of nurturing approaches over a 3 year period, 2017-2020.


Information has been developed by the service around implementing mindfulness as an approach.  We have also successfully supported the use of the Model for Improvement in implementing and spreading mindfulness approaches across the Balfron Learning Community.

Loss and Bereavement

We continue to run training courses for education and social work staff on the Seasons for Growth programme. This involves supporting staff to run groups for children and young people to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.


The Educational Psychology Service has provided input to Raploch Primary School as part of their attainment work and as a result two  animations  were created by the children and young people around managing their feelings and emotions.

Neuro-Sequential Model in Education (NME)

Two Educational psychologists are currently trained in the NME approach. This is a classroom based approach, and focuses on how a child’s brain grows and develops, how stress can impact on the brain and how a child can learn to regulate his/her emotions to help him/her be ready to learn.

A more detailed outline of the above approaches can be found on the link pages provided within this section.

Mental health

The Educational Psychology Service has a lead role in developing a framework for resilience across the authority with the Principal Psychologist co-chairing the Childrens Service Resilience steering group. Educational psychologists have also been working with young people across all secondary schools in Stirling to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues. The Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027 , which outlines the national context, can be found by following the link below: