PEEP Learning Together Programme is an evidence based early learning intervention designed to improve the life chances of young children by raising attainment. It was included as a case study in the Scottish Government’s report ‘Review of Family learning Supporting Excellence and Equity’ (2016) as an effective intervention.

PEEP was identified by the Educational Psychology Service as a strong evidence based programme which contributes to securing better outcomes for young children through increased parental engagement in their child’s learning. The Educational Psychology Service currently leads on the implementation of PEEP in Stirling, working collaboratively with early years establishments and partners. A number of practitioners have been trained to deliver PEEP approaches across Stirling Council.

2018 update

Around 40 practitioners across Stirling have been trained in the PEEP Learning Together programme and are now able to facilitate PEEP groups.  They include family support workers in Health and Education, Early Years’ Educators from nurseries, as well as practitioners from Homestart and the Learning & Employability team. During the programme, practitioners and parents /carers (along with their children) come together in groups to share ideas about what they can do at home to support their child’s early learning and development through everyday learning opportunities such as sharing stories, rhymes, singing and conversations. A number of groups have been run across Stirling and the materials have also been used to support individual families with early learning in their homes. Practitioners are supported by termly meetings, a closed Facebook group and a LA steering group.

3 practitioners have submitted City and Guilds portfolios about their work with PEEP with 2 having been notified of successful completion of their award so far. A further 15 practitioners have registered for the award.

We are delighted with how well PEEP groups are being received and that parents are enjoying them, saying ‘it is always fun and there are always new things to learn’.

Evaluations show that following attendance at a PEEP group, 80% of parents felt “very confident” in helping with their children’s learning and development, whereas prior to attendance only 31% of parents rated themselves as “very confident”. Similarly, parents reported an increased frequency in time spent engaging in reading & sharing books, singing songs & rhymes, and letter and number play with their child – over 92% reporting doing so ‘most days’. Parents also said that they were doing more mark marking activities than before – up from 38% to 69% on  ‘most days’. Some parents reported that prior to PEEP they were only reading books and mark making with their child once or twice a month and never singing songs and rhymes.

After PEEP the majority said they were doing so most days:

‘I have always sung and read stories but I now know more about how these help my child learn. PEEP helped me to realise how learning fits into everyday life and activities. It helped me see how and where he may need more support’.

We are planning to get 5 practitioners trained in the PEEP Progression Pathways Programme in the autumn to enable them to support parents to gain qualification units based on their involvement in the PEEP Learning Together programme. This programme offers formally recognised units which are assessed by portfolio and allow parents to achieve SCQF units at levels 3, 4 or 5. This work is intended to support parents to gain early years’ qualifications.

If parents / carers are interested in joining a PEEP group then have a chat with your child’s nursery to see if a group is running in your area.

Please visit the PEEP website for further information:

Peeple website

Or have a look at our leaflet by clicking here:

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