Stirling’s Nurture Ambassadors

The Nurture Ambassador Workshops 2020

Within Stirling Children’s Services we are committed to promoting a relationships based approach, and implementing whole school nurturing approaches across all establishments is the foundation to this. We will implement a Nurture Ambassadors model to ensure a consistent ethos and culture by providing a framework in relation to promoting children and young people’s wellbeing, resilience, attainment and achievement.  The aim of this framework is to promote readiness, ownership and commitment of our establishments and also develop robust evaluation and sustainability. Once identified by the establishment Senior Management Team, the Ambassador will take on a lead role to coordinate the implementation of nurture within their establishment. To do so they will attend the Ambassador Support and Development Workshops to build on their knowledge of child development, attachment and nurture but also to support them to plan the implementation in their establishment. This role will require time and commitment to ensure the tasks can be completed appropriately.

What are the Ambassador Workshops?

The Nurture Ambassador Workshops consist of four training sessions and ongoing reconnectors that aim to ensure ambassadors will:

  • feel confident in their knowledge of child development, attachment, trauma/adverse childhood experiences and nurture
  • be supported to plan and implement whole school nurturing approaches
  • be guided on how to evaluate and evidence impact of implementation with links to HGIOS 4

The following video provides information about the Ambassador Support and Development Workshops:


We are currently registering Ambassadors for our next block of  Workshops taking place on the following dates from 2pm – 4.30pm via Microsoft Teams:


22/09/20      Session 1: Introduction to Group and Implementation

06/10/20      Session 2: Implementation, Nurture Principles and Discussion

03/11/20      Session 3: Nurture Principles and Discussion

24/11/20     Session 4: Feedback and Planning



More detail can be found within the flyer below (please click):

Why Sign-up to a Whole School Nurturing Approach?


Whole School Nurturing Approaches are the foundation of Stirling Children’s Services relationships approach and we are committed to supporting all of our establishments to adopt the Nurture Ambassador Framework to support the implementation of these approaches through our workshops.


Through Improvement Methodology and Implementation Science, the workshops help establishments identify areas for development within their context and apply Nurturing Approaches as a framework to support that area of need. This supports establishments to address the key questions outlined within HGIOS 4  and fits closely to the identified Areas of Improvement and Evaluation of Quality triangulation within this document.




Whole School Nurturing Approaches are a key component of how our Chilrden’s Service is working towards the National Improvement Framework drivers.


To sign up to the Workshops or find out more information please contact us or your link Educational Psychologist.