February 2019 News Update

Staffing update

We are delighted to have William Corral who joined us at the end of last year as our new Depute Principal Psychologist. William will be taking on an operational management role for the service and has a lead role in nurturing approaches, ASN developments and is co-lead for the service’s self-evaluation processes.

We are also delighted to have Victoria Smith who joined us recently as an educational Psychologist for a fixed term post. Victoria received excellent news just before the end of the year having fully qualified as an Educational Psychologist. She is working within the McLaren Learning Community and is already supporting schools in implementing nurturing approaches.

We will be saying a sad farewell to Alison Boyd who is moving to a new post in Glasgow Educational Psychological Service. Alison has had a central role in developing youth-led work in the area of improving mental health. She has led Stirling’s Young People’s Wellbeing Group for the past 2 years with young people, co-producing a mental health event last year called Just Breathe and this session, young people have been working on an action research project with the overall aim of writing a research paper on mental health and reducing stigma. Alison has also delivered training on Mental Health First Aid to staff and partners. We would like to thank Alison for all her contributions to improving outcomes for Stirling’s young people and wish her all the best for the future.

Staff Development

In the past year we have trained approximately 30 staff and partners in Scottish Mental Health First Aid-Young Person’s course. There are now trained staff in all of our secondary schools. We are keen to ensure that the training input is part of a school’s wider implementation plan, and our service can support you with this.

Mental Health

We have had recent links with the National Mental Health Taskforce. The Principal Psychologist provided a short presentation to the Taskforce on Stirling’s work on improving mental health and emotional wellbeing. We also organised and hosted the first national generic mental health workstream in Stirling in January. The Principal Psychologist is a member of the generic workstream as the ASPEP rep.

We hosted a recent workshop locally with up to 50 young people and partners to help contribute thoughts and ideas to the development of a mental health strategy.

We are looking forward to the Civtech Demo Day on 6th February, where our young people will present on their work so far on the co-production of a technological conversational tool with Voxsio, to help start the conversation about mental health. We are looking forward to seeing how the product develops.