STEM Careers

We often hear that there are many career opportunities within STEM, but what are they?

To explore and increase awareness of the wide range of opportunities available in STEM, we have pulled together some of the key websites, resources, facts and reports under different STEM career sectors.

The information contained here will help support conversations with learners about:

  • the importance and relevance of STEM in their lives
  • how STEM could be a pathway for them even if they don’t think it is
  • the skills they develop participating in STEM and how these could be applied in a STEM career
  • the pathways available to take that first step on the STEM career ladder.

Below you will find some general information on career related learning and then you find more specific STEM sectoral career information by clicking on the relevant icons.

Careers resources and Developing the Young Workforce

My World of Work – Scotland’s career information and advice website

Skills Development Scotland – Regional Skills Assessment reports – detailed information on regional labour markets

Developing the Young Workforce – Through DYW, employers can provide inspirational opportunities for young people

DYW Live – live online learning supporting learners’ career skills

Career Education Standard resources – ​​resources for practitioners working with learners 3-18

STEM Ambassadors Scotland – STEM Ambassadors are volunteers working in or studying STEM subjects who work with young people to bring STEM subjects alive through real-life experiences

Careers by sector

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