This section lists key resources to support STEM learning and teaching.

Looking for practical science experiment films?  Look no further!

See our interactive list of Practical science experiment films to support you and your learners. This spreadsheet allows you to filter by subject, phase, level and unit.  We have also created listings for all National Qualification practical experiments by subject area. These are organised by subject, experiment title, level, unit and includes the direct video link.

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New interactive STEM resources directory spreadsheet available now!


This includes details of organisations and providers who can support with: activities, awards, resources, talks, volunteers, professional learning and onsite visit to name a few.



STEM and Science resources and planning aids

STEM Wakelet: resources Collection includes a range of themes from ELC to Senior Phase Sciences, STEM, LfS and more.

A resource to support learning, teaching and assessment of science in ELC & primary: planning for science around the experiences and outcomes from early to second level.

Science Context planners: These planners have been created to give practitioners some suggestions for developing rich contexts for learning.  Examples for early, first and second level.

A range of learning activities where STEM is very much linked to the novel context and is relevant rather than an add on.

Science Capital teaching approach – professional learning & resources from University College London (UCL) Institute of Education to build the science and STEM support & capital of learners and families.

Life Sciences – sector specific resources to support practitioners in primary and secondary.


CLD resources – a list of professional learning activities, research and resources that are suitable for working in a community learning and development context.

A range of improving gender balance and equalities resources, research and documents to support embedding in practice.

The COP26 Summit provided us with a unique opportunity to further embed Learning for Sustainability and climate justice education in the curriculum. Find resources here.