Self- Evaluation


How do you self-evaluate over a 5 year cycle?

Each year, schools/settings will engage in a number of self-evaluation activities in order to build capacity for improvement, find evidence of highly effective practice in your setting to indicate the strengths of your work and aspects of improvement. The kinds of activities based on HGIOS 4 you can engage in are:


  • Use the level 5 illustration to benchmark with other settings; support professional dialogues and critical reflection.
  • Use the features of effective practice to identify the sorts of evidence which supports self-evaluation relevant to your context.
  • Use the challenge questions with individuals, groups, partners and stake holders to support a shared understanding of the schools strengths and next steps for improvement.

Link to HGIOS 4 Document

We have created a self-evaluation toolkit to capture evidence for the additional Quality Improvement Indicators.


Self-Evaluation Cycle (by QI)