SIP/SIR Planning Meeting

In term 4 you will benefit from a SIP/SIR   quality improvement planning day. This is an opportunity to for head teachers with QIO’s to :

  • start professional dialogue between colleagues
  • Outline authority priorities
  • discuss what is being proposed by the school  for the following sessions SIP
  • What is being considered for the School Improvement Report
  • evaluative writing

What needs prepared in advance of a ‘SIP/SIR Planning’ day?


A draft of your School Improvement Plan for the following session from your self-evaluation

A draft of your Standards and Quality Report for the current session would be advantageous.

A draft of the completed two additional Q.I  evaluations as per the agreed cycle

Blank SIR/SIP :

SIR 18-19 Final – Copy

SIP 2019-20 FINAL – Copy


Links and downloads:

Education Scotland Advice for SIR’s 2018

School Improvement Planning Poster – Education Scotland –

QI Poster – Ed Scotland