Supported VSE QI Visit


The model aims to respond positively to the identified challenges and capitalise on the strengths , experience knowledge and expertise that currently lies in Scottish Borders Council in order to build capacity in school leaders and management teams.

This model will be based on identified need, an establishment will benefit from being part of a Supported Establishment Improvement framework. This covers a range of areas:

  • leadership of improvement and change
  • leadership and management of self-evaluation for school improvement
  • leadership and management of learning and teaching
  • leadership and development of people to ensure consistency and high quality of teaching and learning.


Who is involved in a Supported Establishment QI VSE model?

The Improvement team, head teachers and other senior school leaders. Senior leaders from the South East Improvement Collaborative may also be part of a team

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Supported Establishment Improvement model team?

  • The Improvement team produce a scoping paper , designed to secure continuous improvement setting out the agenda for improvement and clear timescales
  • The Head Teacher will provides evidence and recognition of the identification of needs .Reflects on current systems and processes , courses and programmes , the self evaluation journey , planning formats , the audit cycle and attainment data. Shares evaluations of ongoing improvements and subsequent changes made
  • The QIO and Attainment Advisor work collaboratively with the school management team
  • The Head Teacher mentor shows a willingness to share effective systems and processes including those designed to build leadership capacity courses and programmes self evaluation systems and all data pertaining to attainment.