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WEEK 1 – 8th January 2019

Following week one and my introduction to the Digital Technologies module I can’t wait to get started. I have always been interested in technology and its positive and negative impacts on the life of young people. I have had experience on placement within two primary schools and seen technology in action in the form of interactive white boards, computers and ipads. Moreover, I noticed a slight evolve in technology from one placement to the other. My first placement was 2 afternoons a week when I was in 5thyear at academy in 2016. However, my second placement was in my first year of university in 2018. After not being in the primary school for just 2 years, I noticed a massive jump in technology. During my 2018 placement, there was new touchscreen interactive whiteboards and enough ipads for every member of the class. Therefore, I am intrigued to find out more about how technology can be brought into the classroom and used effectively.

I chose this module as I believe that technology holds a massive part in todays society. Education Scotland stated in 2015 that they want to place digital technologies at the heart of learning from ages 3-18 and beyond. This therefore, emphasises how important it is for me as a student primary teacher to have as much knowledge as possible on digital technologies.