WEEK 3 – 22nd January 2019

I have always been interested in technology from a young age, being called the “master of tech” at home and always being handed ipads, phones and TV remotes etc to fix. I was really looking forward to this module to expand my knowledge on the use of technology within the classroom.

During my time on placement in primary schools, I noticed the use of multimodal technology. Within the use of interactive whiteboards, ipads etc. I think that multimodal technologies are important as they ensure all pupils in the class stay motivated and engaged.

“The multimodality of technology is another reason to use it, as it allows teachers to present an idea in a variety of ways to help pupils understand it.” (Beauchamp, 2012, p.8)

A multimodal text is a text which combines two or more semiotic systems. There are five semiotic systems in total which are, linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial. The Literacy and English framework reflects the increased use of multimodal texts, digital communication, social networking and the other forms of electronic communication encountered by children and young people in their daily lives. (Curriculum for Excellence, Literacy and English Principles and Practice paper)


Multimodal texts can be used when presenting, the use of ICT can help structure new experiences as it can be used in a variety of ways. As long as the teacher has sufficient understanding on the area.

Multimodal presentations are captivating, motivating, interactive, personalised, dynamic, memorable and engaging.


Many people have the assumption that communication is simply speech and writing, although these are central and sufficient for learning. There are other ways to communicate more effectively to provide a better experience to learners.


“Touch displays can become a social learning tool encouraging hands-on experiences, thereby helping children to learn by doing.” (Prandstatter, 2014)

ActivInspire helps to empower teachers to bring lessons to life by enabling student interaction and collaboration on interactive whiteboards.


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