Sitting writing this blog post, I genuinely can’t believe it’s the end! I was very sceptical about writing a blog, I seen it as a lot of commitment and an extreme amount of work having to think of something to write each week. However, as the weeks have gone on, I have actually really enjoyed having somewhere to express myself. The digital technologies module seems to go so fast, all of class time is spent using the technologies to create something. Therefore, no time is spent thinking about the technology being used, and considering it from a student teachers perspective. Each week, I felt more and more motivated to get my laptop out and start writing, as if I had a constant need to word vomit all my feelings from the input.


At the beginning of the module, I would come home and sit for hours staring at my laptop screen not even knowing where to start. So, I took some time to come up with a format to help me get started, which also ensured I included all the relevant information. I started each of my blogs by looking back over the technology its self, to get an idea of what professionals have said about it and its benefits as a teaching aid. I would then go on to describe the input, which included information about what I produced with the technology and how I felt about it. My last step was always to sit back and reflect on how I then felt about the piece of technology and the events of the input.


Personally, I have really enjoyed this module and I think its opened up a whole new area of teaching I had never really considered. I hope that throughout the rest of my time at university, I get the opportunity to develop my digital technology skills further, with the aim of bringing them into my own classes in the future.


Thank you for reading my blog, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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