WEEK 8 – 26th February 2019

During our second week of animation, we put our plan into action. I brought along, pens, paper and scissors as we needed these in order to complete our plan successfully. We broke our animation down into 7 stages in our plan, I will attach an image of the plan for you to refer to. Our first step was to create all our parts and set them out in order. I enjoyed this stage as I like being creative and most of all enjoy when a plan comes to life. Having two inputs to complete this proved a good idea, it allowed us to plan and think over the course of a week. Animation is something that can be quite complex, therefore, if you were to be rushed in completing it the outcome is quite short and not very well done (which can be seen in the animations we completed last week).

After we made all our parts and set them all out, it was time to start filming. Keryn held the ipad and recorded while I moved all the parts around. The one thing that we struggled with was making sure to only move them very slightly so that when it all comes together there’s not big jumps in the movements and they all go smoothly. We included some different movements, rather than just out and in, we had them spinning and shaking which became very effective. We also included a section where we cut up one of our parts, this ended up turning out good in the animation as it was something different rather than just moving the piece. I think that our animation turned out pretty good, considering it was both our first times using the app and both didn’t have much background knowledge on animation.

 (was unable to upload video because it was too long)


Looking into the future, I think animation is something I will explore more to become more confident with it. This will allow me to be able to confidently present in to children in my class for them to get a good experience with it also. On the other hand, I think the animation planning process was quite complex as there are so many possibilities/processes involved which could frustrate some pupils. Although, I do believe it helps develop creative thinking skills along with practical skills in patience etc.

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