Update 3 March

As a teacher, I always say that honesty is the best policy and that you won’t be in as much bother if you tell the truth first off. I’m not as far along in this project as I wanted to be at this point. My biggest concern is that I won’t have the outcome ready to present that I wanted. However, through professional dialogue and further reading on the subject, I am pushing self to be more open to the professional learning of this journey and not simply finishing a project.


This opened up a conversation surrounding learning within my classroom and school as a whole, what is the outcome for learning, is it a finished project or is it a skill/knowledge gained? School and education is absolutely full of people pushing for the needs to get to the end of a task and a plenary and have all of the data and completed tasks, however the learning hasn’t fully taken place. I know wonder if the learning itself is in the experience and the children who have said they will be finished when they are “done” are the children who are actually truly making the most of the school experience?


I am hoping to explore this concept and compare children’s work now to that of the beginning of the project, and further discuss tasks and whether there is an importance to finishing them.



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