How has this impacted on Your Leadership Learning?

I have become a more critically reflective practitioner throughout this programme and learned to embrace challenge and change and see it as an opportunity for growth and not just another tick box “have to” thing. While I was always assessing myself and reflecting on my methodologies o be the best teacher I could be for the children, I often forgot to follow opportunities that would benefit myself as a practitioner. I have surprised myself by having a positive attitude to this and finding things I can do well.


While I didn’t achieve what I thought I would, I feel I have achieved what I needed to do. I have found a new avenue of education to explore and a new passion for empowering young people using their own ideas to build their classroom and curriculum that is both in line with the standards and also contextual to increase their understanding and make it feel real and relevant to them.


This programme has allowed me to find my new itch for teaching, find my why in a time when I was unable to find it or to explore it because I didn’t know what it actually was. This is something I wish to explore more fully next year and take this role on to help develop as a leader within my school and my classroom.


I always thought to be a leader you had to be in a promoted post, but throughout this year I have realised that relationships are the things that matter; they are the foundation on which everything else is built. I am able to lead in the classroom and I am respected to lead other staff in a class based role and this is something which has now empowered me to embrace change and challenge myself to continue this moving forward throughout my career in whichever capacity I am in.

4 thoughts on “How has this impacted on Your Leadership Learning?”

  1. Hi Katrina 👋

    As someone who is also interested in Enquiry Based Learning, it’s been a treat to read through all your recent updates, thank you for sharing! While your enquiry hasn’t followed your original plan, it has been great to read how this has actually presented you with opportunities to expand your learning through conversations with colleagues.

    I found that during my own enquiry about enquiry based learning, I learned so much from my Early Years colleagues and so much could be applied to the upper school, such as having a learning targets board and open ended tasks. Can you think of anything from your upper school knowledge that might be applicable to a P3 (or younger!) class to fit in with enquiry based learning?

    Colin Henderson
    Lead Critical Friend

  2. I really liked your comment on how to be a leader some people think you need to be in a promoted post. I think that’s so true. Do you think that some people are put off by this? Or do you think that all staff get equal opportunity to share their expertise with others?I think this is a really interesting point you have made!

  3. Hi Katrina. Like Colin and Rachel, I have enjoyed reading your posts. Due in part to lockdown, I think your enquiry question quickly changed and took a different direction. You might want to reconsider your question based on the experiences you offered the children and what you found out. For example, something along the lines of ‘how does an enquiry approach affect pupils’ learning and confidence?’ Have a think!

  4. Hi Katrina,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading through your recent posts. I feel I’ve also become a much more reflective practitioner as a result of working through this programme. I like how you mentioned that you have learned to embrace challenge and change and use this as an opportunity for growth. This is so relevant given what we have all experienced this past year. Change is something we have all come to expect in recent times and have had to adapt our practice in order to best meet the needs of our learners in the face of so much uncertainty.

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