What are the implications?

This project and program has allowed me to explore my journey as a leader within the school community, in the classroom and as a practitioner as a whole. I have been able to explore new ideas and have professional dialogue with my fellow teachers and school staff and hear a wide range of stories and Xperia nice which have impacted on my own practise. Constantly challenging myself to examine my practise and ideas and reflect on the positives and not just the negatives has changed the way I look at learning. This has has a positive impact on myself and further allowed for me to have a Growth Mindset within the classroom.


Allowing and encouraging my pupils to have a sense of ownership over their ideas and their classroom has created a very positive environment in my room and has boosted many of the young peoples’ confidence in themselves which has allowed for them to strive for more and challenge themselves. Hopefully, the more colleagues I work with and engage in this project will allow for more children within our school community to benefit from this philosophy. Y aim is to also work with other schools in the community to allow for children to network in a vey positive and safe environment and explore their interests through enquiry by showing them they do have a voice and can make a difference in their local community.


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