What’s Next?


This project has been a whirlwind from start to finish; a change in focus, a lockdown, multiple wordings for the questions, a whole different direction than I thought I would go on and a transformation in the way I view both enquiry based learning and myself as a practitioner.

I admitted recently in a staff meeting that I could do something a certain way (standing at the front of the class and teaching the project by essentially talking at the children) but I didn’t want to do that and it was a lightbulb moment. Children exploring a topic will ultimately provide a deeper engagement than any planning I could do, or any spin I can put on it.

I am lucky that my SLT were happy with my project and the results and the passion I have for this type of learning and have allowed me to take it forward next year for the senior group of learners. I am currently piloting the format with the children who will be using it next year in order to get feedback from them on what works and what needs to change before the school year starts.

I am excited to lead this; not just for the pupils I teach but to show staff that there is a freedom in giving children more control over their learning and planning collaboratively with the learners will only develop stronger relationships, thus making the classroom a happier and more successful place.

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