Why Teach? Why Lead?


My name is Katrina and this year I am exploring what Leadership is – teacher leadership, classroom leadership, and perhaps even Middle Leadership. However, in order to lead, we must explore the why.

Getting into Teaching was something I’d wanted to do for a very long time. I was inspired by teachers I had – how to teach and how not to teach.  Everyone always has that ONE teacher that makes them want to teach to turn the system around, to ensure that another child doesn’t feel how they felt.  So I chased the dream, I worked hard and I had a class of my own – a class that had its challenges and a year that had its ups and downs. The one thing that kept me going was the moments I could see that I was helping, making a difference, making the right choice no matter how difficult those choices were.

As a teacher, it’s those moments that drive me. The moments where I have a choice; I can choose the easy way, and mostly the easy way would damage a boundary that I’d worked hard to set up or damage a relationship that I’d fought to build.  The moments where making the difficult choice – for example – sit with a pupil who has hurt or upset another child or broken something in the classroom to find out why it had happened, rather than passing it on to someone else for them to sort. The wrong choice at that moment can irreparably damage a relationship with the child and change the relationship the child has with the rest of the class – showing compassion and empathy, allows others to copy that behaviour in similar circumstances.

Seeing this in action, inspired me to promote this within not just my class, but with every person I came across. This is important to me and seeing the small changes I could make on a daily basis had me thinking about taking this further – taking this step into leadership to help others achieve their goals.

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  1. Hi Katrina! It’s nice to see your blog up and running on the site. To save you some time – as I know your enquiry is underway – I suggest you aim to put up short posts for Reflecting Part 1 – What’s Already Known, Question and Plan. Then we all know your starting point. After that it is just the enquiry updates. Hope that helps!

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