What did you Plan to do and Why?

My project looks different from what I thought it would look like. I had originally set out to prove that children’s attainment in literacy and numeracy could be raised through enquiry based and play based learning. I had set up a year long project that would use The Lorax as a stimulus to explore the Global Goals on a community level. The children engaged with this in various was throughout the year and my colleagues began to also get involved with their classes, getting their children to pick their own projects and lead their own learning though IDL.


Due to a multitude of factors out with my control, I was unable to have a project as linear as that and while I can see some improvement in the children,  am unsure if this is due to an enquiry based approach or other factors through lockdown, so cannot give a complete analysis on this.  I have enjoyed the support and the engagement from colleagues and the children, which is allowing me to want to do this again with another group of children, in another format, as it is something I am now genuinely interested in and curious about.

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