My First Attempt at the NOMA and the OLA

Over the past 2 weeks I have attempted both the OLA and the NOMA online assessments. The NOMA was easy enough to complete in my flat, however the OLA wouldn’t work correctly, so I had to head to the library.

My scores for both tests were:

OLA – 80%   NOMA – 81%

I was very happy with my scores, especially for my first try at both tests. I have looked at the feedback which highlighted my strengths and areas that need to be developed. I will work to improve these areas throughout the year so that the next time I take the test, I will have increased my percentage.

In my opinion, these tests are very effective as it tests your knowledge to see how good you are at literacy and maths. However it also shows which areas you need to work on and it helps everyone develop further skills they thought they already knew how to do.

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