Why teaching?

This is a very simple, yet difficult question for me to answer. I know it may sound like a cliché but I’ve always wanted to be a primary school teacher from a very young age, but my passion for this profession really ignited when I was in primary 4. There was a male teacher who engaged, enthused and made a huge impact on me. I have such amazing memories from primary school, which has always made me want to be a teacher even more. I have been fortunate to have had a fantastic learning experience which has further developed my interest and enthusiasm.

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As I have grown older, I started to realise that I wanted to give something back to the community and help young children prepare for their future. I am a firm believer that children should be able to always achieve their full potential, no matter who they are and what background they have come from. I feel that it is vital to instil a love of learning from as early an age as possible.

During placement at a Primary school, I helped out in classes of all different ages and abilities and the children seemed to have a natural affinity towards me because of my young age. Also when I was teaching in smaller groups, I could see first hand how children love to learn and I couldn’t help the absolute joy I felt when seeing the happiness of the children when they learned something new, got the right answer etc.

Overall, I want to be a teacher because I want to transform lives. I want to be able to teach children new things and alternative ways of looking at challenges they will have to overcome in their lives. I feel that I can develop myself as a professional and as a person through my dream career. I know it will be difficult but I have absolutely no doubt that it’s the best decision I could have ever made. I am the only boy from my school who wanted to be a primary school teacher but that never stopped me believing that I could achieve my goals. The overwhelming feeling of happiness when I got accepted into Dundee is one that will live with me for the rest of my life and beyond.

Now starts the journey to become the best possible teacher I can be…

2 thoughts on “Why teaching?

  1. Richard

    Great post Liam – really interested in the male role model element. I had two very different experiences at primary school myself – a male supply teacher (also in P4 I think) who made such a difference to me with his creative and inspiring approach. And another teacher who was the opposite. The sort of male who was in primary because they thought it was an easy life, and made most of the time about him. His overly long introductions to topic lessons often resulted in me asking if we could possibly get started. I don’t think he liked that!
    Anyway I hope you will be able to pay your positive experience forward! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

    1. Liam Hamilton Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Richard! I myself have only had one male primary teacher. However, people I know who have had male teachers in primary school, everyone seemed to have very positive experiences with them. I really hope I can continue this trend when I begin my career.


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