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My second attempt of the OLA and NOMA assessments.

Today, I attempted both online assessments for the second time.

My results were as follows:

Literacy – 83% and Maths 81%.

I improved 3% in literacy and achieved the same score in maths. I was really happy with this, however I believe that I could have achieved a higher score in both tests. This was for various reasons. In the maths assessment, I made a few little mistakes that cost me marks which I should have picked up and a computer error lost me another mark. I could have achieved 87%, possibly slightly higher. In the literacy assessment, a computer error was also at fault for one mark.

I feel like these tests are a positive and effective method of assessing our skills. I also think that they are enjoyable to complete. I will continue to work on the mistakes I made and attempt to further develop my skills.