My Journey to University of Dundee

I am Kim Rennie at the University of Dundee studying an MA (Hons) in Education. I decided to do this course in my third year at academy, after I went to my local primary school on work experience week. Before the work experience, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as I had many different options and careers paths that I thought I would enjoy. However, my work experience in third year was incredibly: I had a lot of fun working with the children and felt I learnt a lot from the teachers supporting me whilst in the classroom. This settle my decision that I wanted to be a primary teacher. Therefore, I went back to the same primary school in my sixth year twice a week, once in a primary 6 class and once in a primary 2/3 class. Throughout the year, there was not any point that I thought I was bored, each time was a different experience, with new challenges, experience and things to learn. The variety was what I thoroughly enjoyed.

To secure a place in at the University of Dundee as an undergraduate in education, personally meant a lot to me. I believe I haven’t worked more for anything than to secure a university place. I committed fully to getting my grades and experience since third year and it all paid off. Starting has a university student has made me grow up and take a lot more responsibility for myself and my studies. However, I think being an undergraduate in education has made me grow up more than any other course would, it has made me think about: my actions and the consequences; being a professional; acting in an appropriate way; my ethics and morals.

I believe even though it was a lot of hard work to get here, so far university has changed my life and I am grateful for all the hours I put in to get here. I am making the same commitment to my degree, to commit the full amount of time, effort, hard work and professionalism to achieve my goals.

My goal is to be able to engage fully with my degree to come out of university with a high standard of knowledge and profession attitude to be able to teach children and make a difference to any children I meet throughout my career as a primary teacher in an imaginative and creative way. I want to take all experiences possible whilst at university, to take away something from everything I engage in. Whilst on placement, I wish to be able to take away invaluable experience and to learn from the other teachers around me. In my opinion, children are at the heart of education and they are the reason we are there. I feel as if I am able to make a positive difference in even one child’s life as a teacher then it will be worthwhile.

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