Learning characters at Riverbank

We were looking at different types of learning today at Riverbank and learned 4 new ways of learning. Each learning style is attached to a character. We have Robert who is resilient. Rebecca who is reflective. Ryan who likes relationships and Ruby who is resourceful. We asked each of the children to choose a character who they could relate to and spoke about what we had in common with each of the characters as well as looking at our differences. We also had a think about which characteristics we would like to work on.


Sean identified with Ryan because: ‘he’s good at encouraging people!’

Keela felt she was most like Ryan because: ‘I like having relationships with my friends. I think it helps me learn because Tyler showed me something I was good at and I never knew I was good at it until I tried it.’


Nico wanted to become more like Ryan as he felt this would make him a better learner: ‘I want to get better at working with people as it’s hard to work on my own.’

Samantha wanted ‘to be more like Robert so I can challenge myself.’


Dennis even thought of a way to improve: ‘I want to get better at handwriting by doing more practice.’

Bramble Brae meets our learning team!

Today in Bramble Brae we met 4 new learning characters. Each character has different learning attributes which we may already possess or might like to work on.


‘I’ve learnt that different people have different characters and you can see which one you got and maybe take the advice written.’



Cameron felt he was most like Robert ‘because I love a challenge and am quite resilient.’

As well as identifying attributes we already have we highlighted some which we would like to work on.

‘I need to work on being independent so people don’t distract me.’


Distraction was a key theme which came up in the majority of groups and the need to learn how to manage such distractions. Our groups came up with a number of suggestions of how we could best tackle this issue.

‘Ignore them or go and sit somewhere else [and] it’s good not to listen [to them].’

Rhiannon and Scott


Happiness Manifesto

A manifesto for happy children everywhere, by the Riverbank Imagineers.

All kids get tender, loving care (TLC)
Respect for everyone
Playing together
Lots of sports activities
Places to play sports like pitches and swimming pool
Time with your family and friends
Pets to love and take care of
Toys for kids
Food for kids that don’t have enough
Sweets sometimes
Chance to go on holiday
Medicine for kids that are sick

Happiness Manifesto

After the recent elections, Imagineers from Manor Park and Bramble Brae schools create their own manifesto for a place where every child is happy. 

Kindness, support + respect
Playing with your friends
Playing outside
To live in peace – at home and in the community
Feeling like you are wanted by someone
Pets to look after
Free from bullying
Choices in learning
Feeling like your opinion is important
Feeling like you have what you need
Toys + games
Going to the beach
Pocket money
A little treat, cake + some ice-cream
Watching TV
To do what they want to and still be safe
Help from people when they need it
A lovely street with nice neighbours and sweet giving people



Bramble Brae and Manor Park Primary pupils came together to create a job description for an adult. 

‘An adult should know:

  • how to work
  • how to drive a car
  • how to earn money

An adult should be good at:

  • keeping the house tidy
  • taking care of children
  • cooking and baking
  • playing basketball

An adult should teach children

  • fairly
  • carefully and shouldn’t hit, shout or swear
  • give them a second chance
  • with respect’

Dylan, Demi, Miriam, Malachy, Tijana, Jamie, Shannon, Ben and Lucy