Healthy, happy and safe



‘In our team we worked together to make a poster of a 12 year old. We had to write down ideas that would make a 12 year old safe, happy and healthy. Then we had to think of things that would make us feel special and important. We used these ideas to make a digni-ometer and we split it in half – one side showing what gives us dignity and the other showing what makes us sad.’

Ashleigh, Alex B, Kyleena, Katie, P5 Bramble Brae Primary

Human dignity

Every human being is important and special. We call this human dignity.


“Catrin and Colin came into the class to tell us what human dignity means. When you have human dignity it means that you’re safe and protected and that you should be nice to other people. We all made a poster that shows the good side and the bad side, what gives us human dignity and what takes it away. Then we stood up to tell the class what was most important to us.”

P6 Tullos primary


In 2016 we will be working with Aberdeen City colleagues on an exciting new programme of work engaging with children and communities in the City. Our school partners will be Bramble Brae Primary, Manor Park Primary, Riverbank Primary and Tullos Primary. The programme focuses on imagining Aberdeen as a place where children are healthy, happy and safe.