This week, the Imagineers are thinking about loneliness. Being lonely is something that most people will experience at some point, but if it happens a lot it can negatively impact on a child’s mental health and they could become vulnerable. 

‘A child can be lonely because their parent as died, or works lots or off-shore.’

‘When it rains, a child could become lonely because they are not allowed out to play with their friends and they have nothing to do.’

‘A child would be lonely if they ask their friends to play and they say no.’

‘If they feel someone doesn’t love them, the child could become lonely.’

‘If you are lonely you would feel depressed, upset and angry. You would cry and your body might be sore. If someone says you can’t play, you would fight them.’

The Imagineers ideas for helping a child overcome loneliness all involve including and spending time with the child and doing something fun or relaxing together.

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