The session is concerned with the impact adults’ behaviour can have on children’s emotional wellbeing.

Imagineer Leo has written this blog post:

‘Today we were making our own characters with play doh. We were thinking about positive adults. Imagineer Gabrielle, made an alien called Naomi for her model. Naomi has had light to help children see what is happening at night time. Naomi also has a phone that can never cut out because it always has good reception and she is always ready to listen.

Imagineer Katie made her sister as her model. Her sister likes playing on her phone a lot. She knows a lot of things, she is really smart. She can phone a child when they feel scared or worried or they have good advice for other children that are going through a bad time in their life just know. She can also teleport to children when something bad is happening so she can be there to help them out when they need it.

Also Imagineer Sean-Paul made a man called Jim who has a love detector in his chest. Jim puts his love detector on when he feels lonely or down because it tells him who loves him, and how much they love him. He lets children borrow his love detector when they feel down.’

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