A documentary about Scotland – made by you

The new project Northern Lights sets out to be Scotland’s first ever mass participation documentary, an innovative way to build a movie about contemporary Scotland. Basically it will be composed, and edited into a final feature-length film, from videos made by people all over the country and contributed to a common pool of rich material.

Global Citizenship often starts local, and this seems a great way for secondary schools and students over the age of 14 to reflect on their own community and how it is represented to the world. And the skills involved in such a piece of work: research, team work, communication, media, ICT, and lots of creativity.

It’s all explained here www.wearenorthernlights.com with extra description of how to participate, ‘how to’ guides, etc, http://wearenorthernlights.com/get-involved/preparing/

The project is open for submissions until 21st June. There are already a lot of submitted videos, and web audiences get to vote on their favourites. Why not get your secondary school involved, and showcase the creative skills of your pupils?

For further information, please contact workshops@wearenorthernlights.com