STEM Central Electric Transport, the smarter Smart car and a context for learning for the new NQs

Electric cars – are they a viable option as we seek a low carbon future? What are the limitations of the technologies currently available? If you are working with learners using the STEM Central Electric Transport context The Guardian’s Newton Channel includes a 6 minute video “Making Smart cars smarter” may be of interest. Scientists at the University of Newcastle are working to enhance Smart cars to allow them to travel longer distances without recharging.  

If your learners are interested in technologies associated with driving and transport, research from Newcastle University using an adapted electric car may also be of interest.

Or perhaps you are exploring Energy Security in the context of the new National Qualifications for Environmental Science, Physics or Science? In future, will we be plugging our electric cars into the Smart Grid to sell our excess  energy to others at times of peak demand? The University of Strathclyde is working in conjunction with leading energy companies to kick start Smart Grid development here in Scotland, with world class facilities under development in Cumbernauld.

Energy, energy security and our sustainable future, whether exploring the future of transport or the National Grid, offers an exciting and engaging context for planning learning and teaching to meet the needs of a range of learners, working within a range of levels.