Learning for the new NQs: X-ray machines – a 20th century icon

Is the x-ray machine a 20th century icon? If you are planning for learning and teaching using the published advice and guidance associated with Nuclear Chemistry and Physics then this 7 minute video from The Guardian’s Newton Channel “X-ray machines – a 20th century icon” may be of interest. What is the connection between the work of Marie Curie and this crucial advancement in diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare?

Education Scotland Identified Good Practice – Aboyne Academy

The practice of inter-disciplinary learning in the Secondary context is one that is central to the underpinning ethos of Curriculum for Excellence. Schools all over Scotland are looking at ways in which this can be made as purposeful and meaningful as possible for both pupils and teachers and in that aspect Aboyne Academy is no different from any other.

Aboyne Academy’s efforts in this area were given favourable comment during a recent inspection so much so that the inspection team recommended that this practice be celebrated and shared via Glow TV.
During this Glow Meet you will be able to meet the teachers from a range of departments who have begun to collaborate in order to make inter-disciplinary learning work for them. You will see how Geography, Science and Maths, Drama and Guidance and RME and Physics have all worked together on different projects in a complementary fashion. You will be able to hear how the teachers worked together and what impact they feel such working has had on the teaching and learning at Aboyne.

Join in the Glow Meet in Glow TV on Tuesday 22nd May at 11am and get the chance to ask questions of colleagues who are are making inter-disciplinary learning work in their setting. Sign up and join us in Glow TV.

Creativity and You! Embedding Creativity Across Learning – National Event

25 May, Glasgow Science Centre, 10 am – 3.30 pm



This national event, organised by The Scottish Government, Education Scotland and Creative Scotland, will showcase innovation across teaching and learning in a range of subjects beyond the expressive arts.

It will highlight just how imaginatively schools and teachers are already embedding creativity into their daily work, often in partnership with external organisations.

Teachers and senior managers in schools and the education sector will be able to draw on a range of good practice in promoting creative learning and improving learners’ creative skills within all subjects.

The day is designed to:

  • Explore what is meant by ‘Creativity skills for learning, life and work’.
  • Experience new and exciting approaches to motivating children to learn.
  • Discover different approaches taken to working with professionals and partners in delivering creative learning experiences.
  • Find out about the many resources and networks available to support creative teaching and learning.

To book a place, please contact Elisabeth.zelger@creativescotland.com with your name, title, contact details and local authority and any special requirements.