STEM Central Bioengineering and a Marathon Achievement

Following on from our post about our most recent STEM Central context “Bioengineering” great news from the BBC about Claire Lomas’ successful completion of the London Marathon.

Claire was paralysed in a horse riding accident in 2006, and is the first person to complete a marathon in a “bionic” suit, taking 16 days to complete the 26.2 mile course.  Find out more about how bioengineering and technology can change lives from BBC News Paralysed Woman Claire Lomas treasures 16-day London Marathon and “‘Bionic’ woman Claire Lomas completes London Marathon”  and from the company which made the “bionic” suit ReWalk Bionics Research.

Learning for the new NQs: Food Security

Recent headlines on GM food from the BBC tie in with the Food Security published advice and guidance for National 4 Science and National 5 Biology. Food Security and sustainability as contexts also lend themselves to planning for learning and teaching associated with Environmental Science.

The advice and guidance includes reflective questions to aid you in planning for topical, relevant and challenging learning appropriate for your learners. What is GM? Will it play a role in feeding the world’s population of 7 billion and rising?

Millions for Disadvantaged Communities

Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment, has announced the new People and Communities Fund to promote and support community-led regeneration initiatives across Scotland, is open for applications.

The People and Communities Fund will invest in community anchor organisations that deliver local regeneration activity and promote change in our most disadvantaged communities. The fund will have particular focus on supporting initiatives to increase people’s chances of entering employment, from progressing further in current work to help break down any barriers people face when considering employment.

In addition to supporting employability, focus will also be on promoting future preventative spending, such as investing in initiatives that will help improve health now to prevent future illness and hardship.

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