Digital Technologies Week 3 – 23rd January 2018



During today’s class, we explored ActivInspire and multimodality. We addressed the definition of multimodality and the benefits of using multimodal presentations within the classroom. We also looked at ActivInspire and created a lesson using this.

Multimodality is the use of two or more semiotic systems to present information. There are five semiotic systems, they are as follows:

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Spatial
  • Linguistic
  • Gestural

According to Beauchamp, “The multimodality of technology is another reason to use it, as it allows teachers to present an idea in a variety of different ways to help pupils understand it.”(Beauchamp, 2012, p.8) Through the use of multimodal presentations children become more engaged and are eager to learn. It gives children a visual representation of lessons and also allows them to be active while taking part. ActivInspire and different multimodal resources are very important within the classroom as they allow all students to participate. We also discussed that using a yellow background with blue writing in the comic sans font is an effective way to put across a lesson to those children with dyslexic tendencies

As part of today’s lesson, we were instructed to create an ActivInspire lesson. My partner and I decided to design a numeracy lesson based on the Egyptian topic. We created a lesson involving different hieroglyphics and we made a key in which a number was equal to a specific hieroglyphic. The lesson consisted of different maths sums to complete and the children would have to look back and understand the key in order to complete the sums. The lesson progresses on to harder sums like multiplication to challenge the children. My partner and I decided that this would be classified as a first level of Curriculum for Excellence lesson. The experiences and outcomes that we decided best suited the lesson are as follows:


  • When a picture or symbol is used to replace a number in a number statement, I can find its value using my knowledge of number facts and explain my thinking to others. MTH 1-15b
  • I can demonstrate a range of basic problem solving skills by building simple programs to carry out a given task, using an appropriate language. TCH 1-15a

To conclude, I believe that ActivInspire is a powerful resource that should be used in the classroom and I will definitely use it in my teaching practice. It engages all pupils and allows all children to participate in lessons using multimodal resources. I feel that today’s lesson was particularly beneficial for me as before I was very uncomfortable using AcxtivInspire as I have never used it before. However, now, I believe that I am comfortable using ActivInspire and I will continue to use it throughout my teaching practice.


Beauchamp, G. (2012) ICT in the Primary School: From Pedagogy to Practice. Pearson.

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