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Activity 2 – Memoji Storytelling

Day 2 – Memoji Storytelling

Create and stage festive characters with expressive Memoji heads to tell a story using AR.

For this activity it is advisable that you have an iPad, Keynote, and ARMakr

Before you try the main activity you may wish to watch this tutorial on creating a custom Memoji character:

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Download this Keynote project to help you get started.

You can customise your character in a number of ways. Either draw the character’s body
using Apple Pencil, stylus, or your finger. Alternatively you can find pictures for free from sites such as pixabay.com. If you are using other apps such as PowerPoint or Slides it is important to ensure that your background is set as transparent. Export as images and save to your photos app.

In AR Makr, tap New Scene, tap Start, then follow the on-screen instructions to place the scene. To Make a new AR object. Tap New, tap the folder icon and then select the image of your character/objects. Tap the tick to approve the image, and add the object to your AR library.
To add the object to the scene, tap it on the left side of the screen. Pinch and drag to resize as needed. Move iPad to where you want the object, then tap Place.

Follow the tutorial below to try it for yourself and share your creations with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity

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