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In the run up to COP26, Code Club is supporting young learners to code the change they want to see in the world around them.  In this session, Code Club will share the

* Environment project collection, full of ideas for great environment related projects to share with learners of all levels

* Protect Our Planet learning pathway of 6 projects for more confident coders

* live codealong events running during COP26 that learners can take part in

* and answer any questions you have

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micro:bit Educational Research

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation are looking for primary school (second level) teachers from Scotland to take part in a piece of research about their experiences in primary education and the teaching of digital skills.

Teachers who take part will be entered in to a prize draw with multiple prizes of £50 and £100 and a top prize of £500 to be won!


The research will help inform a programme of activity, delivered by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, to support UK primary school teachers teaching digital skills, including free CLPL and classroom resources. Your input in to the research is crucial to ensure the programme gives teachers across Scotland the support they really need.

We are looking to recruit teachers who are willing to take part in a short (10 min) online survey in late September/early Oct 2021 and then again in December 2022 (estimated date) and June 2023 (estimated date).


It’s important that we hear from teachers across the UK and so your contribution to the research will be extremely valued.  We want the views of teachers across UK, so make sure Scotland is represented.

Sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/212093636436052

cyber sprinters game


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is the UK agency responsible for identifying cyber risks and attacks, combatting cyber crime and providing guidance and information to the public. They recently launched a brand new game to teach children aged 7 to 11 how to stay secure online.

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Code Cracking Resources by Barefoot Computing

BT and Barefoot Computing provide free resources for teaching computational thinking. You can register for free at Barefoot Computing and use these great resources to add exciting new contexts to your numeracy and maths.

Code Cracking

This resource focuses on the role Alan Turing and the Enigma machine played in deciphering coded messages during World War II. Why not use this as a context for maths during your WWII topic?

Code Cracking lesson

Want to see more about code cracking?

Check out our Cryptography wakelet