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New ByC resources!

New resources to support schools with their curriculum planning have recently been published on the LTS website:

1. A workshop which can be used with staff when creating or revisiting a curriculum plan. It brings together ideas from different schools (with room to add your own) and asks staff to consider how they might work in their own content.


2. This case study describes the journey Law Primary School took as they developed their curriculum plan. It is hyperlinked to all the resources and workshops they used too.


3. Two new versions of the strategic curriculum planner are available. One shows how you could link the strategic plan to HGIOS and the school improvement plan. The other shows how this tool could be used to focus on a particular aspect of CfE (in this case the three responsibility of all areas).


Promoting children’s involvement in planning their learning

Claire Lavelle, HT at St Martin’s PS East Lothian, talks about how children have become more involved in planning and assessing their learning. Personalisation and choice is promoted and children engage more actively in class. Children keep track of their learning progress and success using Learning Journals. Planning in this way has given teachers confidence in working with the Es and Os.