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The Senior Phase – Curriculum Structures

I am investigating what schools are considering with regards option choice in the Senior Phase. My own school is considering 6 options throughout S4/5/6 with 5 periods per option.  I would like to know what other schools around the country are considering (could you please also indicate which local authority your school belongs to).

Assessment Weblinks

Click here for the LTS assessment home page and to log on to the National Assessment Resource

What are the broad features of assessment in the curriculum areas?

Expressive Arts
Health and Wellbeing
Literacy across learning
Literacy and English
Literacy and Gaidhlig
Modern Languages
Numeracy across learning
Social Studies

Peer assessment in Art and Design
For this case study our pupils and staff practiced peer and self assessment. The curriculum areas covered in this study were: Expressive arts, primary and secondary

Clarifying the learning – sharing standards in Modern Languages
These PowerPoint presentations aim to raise awareness of other languages frameworks (in this case the Languages Ladder and CEFR) which seek to describe learning experiences and outcomes at beginner level and then to track progression in each of the language skills.

Early Years Web links
Developing a Documentation Approach –

A Child-Led Summer Programme –