SLF 2011: Education Showcase – Technologies

Using Glow/Technologies to support Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Karlie Robinson and Jack, Becky and Kieran from Bridgend Primary in West Lothian presented at the Scottish Learning Festival about how they have been using Glow and other Technologies to help with learning, teaching and assessment across the curriculum.

They presented on a number of topics including:

  • how Glow can be used to connect with other schools across Scotland and collaborate through topic work
  • why Glow is important in the delivery of lessons
  • the impact of using technology in lessons on pupils through their own words as they discuss their learning experiences
  • challenges and successes experienced by class teachers in delivering these types of experiences

To view their inspiring presentation click here (Glow login required).

You can investigate how Bridgend Primary have been using Glow and other Technologies by visiting the West Lothian Sharing our Learning Blog.

You can also get the pupils thoughts on their first visit to the Learning Festival here.

6 thoughts on “SLF 2011: Education Showcase – Technologies”

  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the Learning Festival but it sounds like you all did a good job. I’ve just been reading your blog and enjoyed finding out what you have been doing. Well done.

  2. The day was amazing, the food, oh my goodness it was heavenly!!! 😀 Of course I really enjoyed presenting and it was nice that people wanted to watch us and see what we did in our class. I really like doing our blog and we are looking at doing lots more things this year like QR codes, Prezzi and much more!

  3. I really enjoyed the day it was really fun. I enjoyed reading my speech and going round the stalls. I really liked telling people what we did in school and it was good to see people listening to us and they were interested aswell!

  4. I really enjoyed the whole day, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! I would love to do something like this again and I was so suprised about how many people watched us 🙂

  5. I attended this presentation at SLF and was truly blown away by the creative use of technology within this rural West Lothian Primary School. Miss Robertson and her P7 pupils delivered an inspiring seminar which I’m sure impressed everyone in attendance.

  6. Thank you Bridgend for a truly inspiring talk. The confidence of the pupils was amazing – well done to everybody!

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