Promoting children’s involvement in planning their learning

Claire Lavelle, HT at St Martin’s PS East Lothian, talks about how children have become more involved in planning and assessing their learning. Personalisation and choice is promoted and children engage more actively in class. Children keep track of their learning progress and success using Learning Journals. Planning in this way has given teachers confidence in working with the Es and Os.

2 thoughts on “Promoting children’s involvement in planning their learning”

  1. It is really useful to hear how you are involving young people in gathering their own evidence of learning and valuing their judgements.
    Thanks for sharing with others.

  2. This was a very useful video reassuring that in my class in P4, Harrysmuir Primary, we are heading along the same lines. I begin topics in class doing collaborative planning with the pupils using KWL grids – these are a fantastic way to plan and prepare learning, allowing the children to have ownership of the direction they would like to take their topics. We then evaluate the topic at the end of the session, relating back to previous learning and asking if we have actually achieved particular learning outcomes. The children in my class love having an input into my forward plans. When we then chart our progress using weekly learning logs and personal profiles, the children know their learning intentions and can comment on their learning easily. Very informative video demonstrating that other authorities are working on this at the same time as we are in West Lothian.

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