Exploring Europe!

This term we have been learning all about Europe.  We decided for our topic that we would like to participate in the Inverclyde Euro Quiz. There were some useful resources we used to help us get ready.

Euro Quiz team

To help us study, we used books and the internet to gather lots of information. We have been making fact files on different countries too. Each group in our class has a different country to become experts on and we have to design our own wall display, TV challenge and think about what we will have organised for our table at the Europe Day celebrations.

Mrs Falconer has taught us about the European Union, focusing on the history, the Euro and map work. We had challenges set each week, for example; learning all the member states, recognising each of the flags and identifying all the capital cities on a map. One of the hardest was learning the dates each country joined the EU!

We have been using a really good website to learn more about Europe. It’s the Europa website which has a Kids’ corner. This website has games including an online board game you can play alone or with family and friends.  It tells you about different currencies, famous people and landmarks, flags, languages and the European Union.

Europa Screenshot

It definitely helped us because we got a good place in the Euro Quiz! We came 5th out of 16 teams!


Learning in P6

In P6 Mrs Falconer tries to make learning as active and fun as possible. My favourite subjects are science, p.e and there are a lot of intelligent people in P6 and Mrs Falconer is a really fun teacher. There are lots of after school clubs such as skiing, basketball, athletics and football that we all take advantage of!

A Picture of Learning in P6

In P6 we love art, the latest thing we did in art was recreating famous paintings from famous European artists. I think this is useful because it gives us a chance to build on our observation skills.

We also love our Europe topic and 2 weeks ago a group of pupils from our class went to the Euro quiz and came 5th out of 16 teams! We are really proud of them! We have also been studying 7 specific countries for our Europe day celebrations.

In maths we have been learning how to multiply while using decimals, this is useful as it will help us when we are older for any jobs we get. We know we have to use decimals for lots of things like measure and money.

A Picture Of Learning In Primary Six

Primary six is full of opportunities. What I like about primary six is there is a new sport or activity opening up every week such as:

  •  After school skiing – we have been visiting Bearsden for some lessons up on the slopes with Primary 7.
  • Our athletics team who  made it through into the finals.
  • Cross country over at Tower Hill.
  • Ardentinny
  • After school basketball.

The person to thank for most of it , is our teacher Mrs Falconer. She participates in things like skiing and Ardentinny and I know everyone is very thankful for the time she gives up to join in with us.

Right now we are focusing on the European Union. Everyone has a set country to research. For instance, my country is Spain so my team need to create a wall display, TV show and a fact file.

We learn up to our full potential in every lesson and have fun without fail. My favourite thing is probably our Group Responsibilities, we each have a special responsibility including;

  • PPR: promoting positive relationships team who are in charge of our schools equipment and playground pals.
  • Fit for life team who are in charge of our running around Europe program and keeping us fit.
  • GIRFEC group who are in charge of the schools health and wellbeing and make sure everyone is SHANARRI. Currently they are working on a game board for the school to learn more about GIRFEC.
  • Global citizens who sell the Malawian farmers rice for £3 and have completed 4 90kg rice challenges.
  • Journalists  who type out our newsletter blog posts.

We all have carried out our duties well and I hope we will be successful in the future.

By Orla Mcallister P6

A Picture of Learning in P6

Primary 6 is a fun, active and intelligent class. We love P.E, Art, Writing and Science.

Art is a great way to express your creativity.

Writing is good because once you start writing, your story will  flow and turn into something amazing!

We love science because it tells you, if you mix different things together, it can turn into something really cool!

Finally, we love P.E because we love keeping fit, healthy and active. We recently learned how to ski at an after school skiing club. Skiing is now my favourite sport and hobby!

Primary 6 are included in groups.

The Journalists write the class newsletter for the parents so they know what we’ve been up to.

The Global Citizens order fair trade rice from Malawi and sell bags of rice to the school for £3  a bag. They are currently on their 4th batch of the 90kg rice challenge and are doing very well.

The PPR Team (Promoting Positive Relationships Team) are in charge of Playground Pals. We typed up a rota for who is in the upper school playground and who is in the lower school playground. We read it out every day. Playground Pals is a massive part of the school. Primary 6 play games with pupils from P1-P7. We recently ordered new equipment which will be available to play with soon.

The GIRFEC Group makes sure everyone is SHANARRI. They are currently working on a GIRFEC Game board which the whole school can play soon.

Finally, we have the Fit4Life Team who organise and count the points for Running Round Europe. They are doing a great job!

Primary 6 is a great class and we are looking forward to further challenges.

By Emily Watson P6


Our Class Bio Poem

Primary 6 GPS!

Fun, active, talented, responsible.

Class of Mrs Falconer, pupils of a great school!

Love science, art, athletics and working together

Healthy, confident, included!

Who fear no Golden Time and wet plays

Proud of St Andrew’s assembly, Global Citizen’s success and sporting achievements

Championing GIRFEC, the right to an education and treating everyone equally

The wee roun’ school.

Gourock Primary

We love to blog!

Why blog?


Primary 6 had a class discussion about the benefits of blogging. Here are some of our thoughts!

  • “It’s a good  way to share classroom and learning experiences” – Jenna
  • “We love to share photos and information about class events, topics and trips” – Aimee
  • “Celebrate our successes and achievement both inside and outside of school” – Elizabeth and Beth
  • “Keep our parents up to date with what we have been learning but it is also a good opportunity for us to interact with people in the wider community – even other countries! We know we have had lots of people from all over the world look at our blog” – Eve
  • “When we have had other adults such as Mrs Cannon, Mrs Edwards and Mrs McKay comment on the blog, we have found it very helpful because sometimes they give us tips and advice. They often encourage us to keep up the good work!” – Alexander and Emily
  • “Question of the Week is good because we get to learn about one another’s opinions and we also discuss these topics in our Talking and Listening Groups on a Tuesday. I like preparing for this because I get a chance to sit with my parents and discuss this week’s topic with them” – Josh
  • We are developing our literacy skills because when we are commenting on the blog we need to think about our audience and make it interesting and easy to read – Eve
  • “Many of us spend time on computers and tablets and this is another way to communicate and practise staying safe online” – Isla
  • “We enjoy discussing the post topics with our peers and asking them questions to further our understanding. We are really interested in what one another has to say. I like sharing my thoughts on what has happened in school”. – Peter
  • “Recently, we have decided that we will recommend our favourite books to one another and we are looking forward to writing some reviews” – Conor
  • “One of my favourite things about our class blog is that it gives us the chance to win Blogger of the Week and receive a prize” – Grace
  • “Going on to the blog regularly allows me to develop my typing skills. I want to get faster!” – Abigail
  • “I like going on the blog to see what everyone is posting and it makes me proud to see all that we have done this year” – Ross
  • “Writing a post helps us to reflect on what we have been doing throughout the week” – Grace
  • “When Mrs Falconer posts pictures, I enjoy showing my family” – Ewan



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