Grantown Grammar S1 Geography Pupils put their Future Thinking to the Test

This month the Academy9 Team worked with S1 pupils at Grantown Grammar school for a design challenge like no other – designing a whole town as part of our Town Planning event!

Pupils worked in small groups over two weeks, to plan and design a sustainable town that they presented to a team of Academy9 judges. The towns were planned within the ArcGIS software and all aspects of a town had to be considered; from transport and active travel to employment opportunities, educational facilities and tourism.

The towns had to be suitable for a population of 10,000 people and all decisions in the plan had to be justified to our judging panel. Young people developed their skills in problem solving, communication, team work as well as learning how to use a GIS software.

All towns that were presented were excellently thought out and all had unique aspects to them, which was a testament to the creativity displayed across the year group.

However, there could only be three winners and after much deliberating between judges our winners were selected and awarded their prizes. A massive congratulations and well done to our winning teams!

It is fantastic to see our pupils working with professionals from a range of organisations to actively learn how to use Arc GIS, and to have real-life insight into how GIS might be used in a range of careers. Pupils were engaged in learning about town planning, and in getting their ideas across. We are grateful for the partnership with Academy9 to allow this project to happen.

Rachel Knight, Head of Humanities and Social Subjects at Grantown Grammar School

Town Planning is an annual event, in honour of World Town Planning day which falls on the 8th of November each year.

If you would like to integrate Town Planning into your  teaching and learning, you may find some inspiration from our Town Planning teacher guide here.

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