Academy9 Are Ready To Come Work With Schools.

The Academy9 Team have been working hard, getting our professionals trained up and ready to visit schools along the A9 Corridor.  

The Roadshow event has always been a favourite amongst pupils, teachers and professionals.

Young people in primary 6 get the chance to meet an ecologist, geologist and engineer and experience what it’s like to work in these roles.  

Students can learn about some of the important plants and animals along the corridor, investigate real samples from the A9 and experience some of the complex decisions professionals have to make in dualling the A9.   

As all our events, careers, mindset and sustainability are woven into the fabric of the student experience.

Why not take a look at our events page to learn more about what Academy9 can offer?    

We can’t wait to see you all. 

Contact the team today to arrange your events this year and who knows, maybe some of the professionals in the video below could be coming to your school soon!  

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