Why focus learning on an infrastructure project?

The dualling of the A9, the longest road in Scotland, provides a fascinating case study for multiple aspects of STEM learning and not just in civil engineering. 

Due to the scale of the project, the location of this infrastructure and the connection it provides for local communities and nationally, many avenues for STEM learning are encompassed.   


There are 800+ people employed in the design and planning phase of the A9 dualling.

Have a look at our careers page to find out more about the types of jobs associated with this project. 



Passing through many areas of protected national beauty environmental consultants, ecologists and scientists are involved to ensure that road designs are respectful to their environment. 

Check out our Environmental teaching resources to support your young people in learning more about this. 


One of the benefits of the A9 Dualling is it will help to connect communities in Scotland. 

Take a look at our nationwide qualifications and competitions which could support you and your learners to engage with STEM learning. 

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